“When I started out with the sessions in January 2015 I was unaware of the tough challenges that I would face over the next 5 months. I am 100% sure that if it was not for Lee-Anne and the hypnotherapy sessions that I would not have been able to get through those months without having to resort to medication and I would have wanted to retreat into myself and sleep which is how I felt when I had a previous break down. The 5 months that followed, were definitely the worst time of my life so far. Each session helped me to deal with my emotional bucket and Lee-Anne helped me to realise that it was over flowing and that I needed to control my life more and not take on too much. The hypnotherapy almost reprogrammed me to focus on what I could control (using my front brain) rather than lapsing into a bout of depression where I could only but dwell on what had happened and not move on. Each day I have felt happier, more confident and I am sleeping much better. It’s a very strange feeling that I just feel much more in control and I am able to deal with the tough things that life can throw at you without needing to think about it. I have also succeeded in losing over 2 ½ stone in weight, something that I had tried time and time again before but with no success. I think that the hypnotherapy has made me feel better about myself and life and was the key to keeping me motivated to lose the weight in what was a very difficult time when I would normally have resorted to food and wine”

“I can now concentrate on my game without trying to second guess what my opponent is thinking! I can’t believe I used to spend so much energy trying to guess what was going on in other people’s heads, now I just think about what is happening in front of me”

“The relaxed feeling that I get from laying on your couch is like nothing else I have ever felt, it is like someone hits a ‘reset’ button and off I go...”

“I was carrying round a lot of anxiety, so much anxiety that it felt normal.  Initially I struggled with the ‘letting go’ but once I realised it was making me feel so much better, I was able to embrace hypnotherapy for the amazing benefits that it offers”

“I used to binge eat and I was looking for a magic wand, after a number of sessions we were able to identify why I had developed such negative eating habits and address the cause rather than the symptom, which made all the difference”

“I will always recommend you.  I call it ‘Lee-Anne Time’ because of your personal and relatable manner”

“I came to hypnotherapy as a sceptic.  Not only did I not think I needed it, I also didn’t believe in it.  In my first session Lee-Anne explained Brain Based therapy to me and explained why it is that we feel the way we do and explained what happens in the brain.  It was as if something ‘clicked’ in my own brain and made me open my mind.  I didn’t think I needed any help with anything but have since learned the benefits of relaxation and stress reduction.  The knock on effect has been great, I am much more relaxed at work, more relaxed at home and more importantly more relaxed with myself, giving myself a chance to let go of things a bit and just enjoy life!”


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